Powertron Global offers PermaFrost NMR™ Refrigeration Solutions in synthetic and non-synthetic formulations. PermaFrost Nucleo Molecular Regenerative (NMR) technology was designed to improve the performance for any A/C, refrigeration system, or heat pump without modification or alterations. The NMR technology uses nanotechnology to increase SEER, COP, and Delta T through thermo-conductive metal enhancement.

The PermaFrost solutions are designed to remove heat from the metal surface, accelerate refrigerant flow, increase thermo-conductivity and transfer heat more efficiently throughout the equipment. PermaFrost’s NMR sophisticated molecular composition passivates and stabilizes all metal components throughout the system, allowing the refrigerant to absorb and dissipate heat at an accelerated rate.

PermaFrost NMR allows the unit to achieve set temperatures faster while drawing less energy, allowing the compressor, condenser and evaporator to perform at their utmost design efficiency. Installation does not require any down time of the HVAC equipment.

In addition, PermaFrost NMR also contains anti-humectants, acid scavengers, and seal/bearing conditioners. Anti-humectants and acid scavengers help neutralize moisture and help prevent acid chain reactions. Seal conditioners swell the seals extending their life and tighten the system. Bearing conditioners lubricate and dissipate heat faster, preserving the metal surface.

PermaFrost NMR DX formulated for Direct Exchange units PermaFrost NMR Synthetic DX formulated for Direct Exchange units
PermaFrost NMR CH a custom formulation for chillers PermaFrost NMR Synthetic CH a custom formulation for chillers

As a data center design & build firm, PTS is uniquely qualified to provide support to clients considering the use of PermaFrost NMR for their DX CRAC units and chillers. PTS can provide two levels of support when considering the value of a PermaFrost NMR deployment for data center operators:

  1. Proof-of-Concept: PTS will measure various performance metrics for a DX CRAC or chiller system at the customer premise. We will then install PermaFrost NMR on a single DX or chiller machine, measure these parameters again, and provide a report on the results as well as provide a Return on Investment (ROI) calculation for the entire project considering material costs, installation, and maintenance requirements.
  2. Solution Deployment: Install PermaFrost on all requested systems without the before and after validation measurements.

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