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Quorum® onQ™ appliance was engineered from the ground up to provide enterprise level Disaster Recovery Solution without the complexity or cost of traditional solutions. onQ™ One-Click Recovery™ puts all of your applications and data back online within minutes of a storage, system or an entire site failure. Deploy onQ™ to meet your needs—locally for High Availability (HA), remotely for Disaster Recovery or both as well as Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution. onQ™ appliances are offered in a range of sizes to match your requirements and also as a service via a hybrid cloud solution.

Quorum onQ Appliance for Backup & Disaster Recovery (BDR)
Easy Continuity & Comfort


  • One-Click Recovery™ system
  • One-Click Testing
  • Replicates anywhere—compressed & encrypted
  • Protection for storage, system & site failures
  • Integrated server monitoring
  • Email and text alerts
  • Scheduled email health reports

Data Protection & Recovery

  • Full local backup of entire system
  • Supports physical and virtual servers
  • Sub file-level incremental updates
  • Global deduplication at source
  • Powerful exclusion rules
  • Restore to any snapshot level
  • File-level recovery to any snapshot level
  • Windows Share Restore

Flexible Deployment

  • Offsite or in the cloud
  • Bandwidth throttling
  • Internal and External storage
  • No GB or monthly storage charges
  • Supports all apps without add-ons
Ultra-efficient Incremental Updates—RPO as low as 15 minutes
  • Incremental Forever: After the initial full image is made at installation, onQ™ only transfers one copy of any changes since the last interval.
  • Just the Changes: We detect not only which files have changed, but which parts of the files have changed so when that multi-gigabyte database has one record change, we don’t copy the entire file.
  • Deduplication: We only send the parts of files that don’t already exist on any other server we’re protecting. That means that if the same “chunk” exists on any server protected by the appliance, it doesn’t need to be sent.
Windows Share Restore
  • Allows browsing and retrieving files directly off of the onQ or Archive Vault repository by mapping a share on to a windows machine.
One-Click Recovery™
  • Current Forever: Each ultra-efficient update is merged into the virtual machine recovery nodes, which are full current images.
  • Ready-to-Run: We don’t wait until you need them to build your virtual recovery nodes, allowing one-click recovery at any time.
  • Point-in-Time Recovery: Even though we merge the changes into the ready-to-run recovery node, you can restore files or an entire system to a prior state.
Server Monitoring
  • We continuously check the health of your servers, sending an alert if any service interruption is detected.
Site-to-Site Replication
  • We compress and encrypt changes and synchronize them with a remote appliance. You get instant remote recovery for complete disaster protection.
Redundant storage
  • Our appliances provide hot-swap protection from any single-disk failure, and with your remote onQ, you’ll have additional protection.
Network Storage Support
  • You can use standard IP network storage to extend or replace our integrated storage.

Quorum onQ™ Specifications

Quorum onQ™ appliances are sized based on how many Recovery Nodes you need and how much data you need to protect. Storage is always expandable, so you’re not locked into a rigid platform. With our incremental-forever and deduplication technologies, the amount of new data that needs to be sent to the appliance per snapshot is usually quite small, minimizing not only storage requirements, but also reducing the load on your LAN and WAN.

  1. Select one appliance to be placed on your LAN for High Availability
  2. Select a second appliance to be synchronized to your own remote site

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