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What is dcTrack?

dcTrack is a data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution providing powerful and intelligent tools for data center automation.

dcTrack enables data center managers to maintain accurate views across the entire data center from servers, blades, virtual servers and applications, to data networks, IP addressing space and cabling, to real-time views of power consumption and heat dissipation, to raised floor space and rack elevations.

dcTrack was designed from the ground up by data center professionals to provide broad and deep visibility into the data center. It empowers data center managers to plan for growth and change by optimizing their current operations, assets and infrastructure.

Who can benefit from dcTrack?

Data center managers, network managers and technicians, server managers and administrators, and facility managers and technicians can all benefit from dcTrack.

How many data centers can dcTrack manage?

dcTrack can manage an unlimited number of data centers.

Does dcTrack manage network infrastructure?

Yes. dcTrack can track the physical network layer of Ethernet and Fibre Channel switches, chassis-based and stackable switches, and MAC and IP addresses.

Can dcTrack manage VLANs?

Yes. dcTrack allows for the logical mapping of IP subnets to network switches or switch blades. It also allows for the assignment of VLANs to network interfaces.

Does dcTrack manage power infrastructure?

Yes. dcTrack supports single phase and 3-phase power distribution, traditional breaker panel-to-outlet distribution, busway distribution, variety of electrical socket types and standards. It supports all elements in the power chain, from a device power supply all the way up to UPS.

Does dcTrack manage the cable plant?

Yes. dcTrack can manage virtually any common architecture, including centralized network distribution, distributed end-of-row, network racks or top-of-rack switching. It can also manage multiple hops of patching and connectivity. 

Can dcTrack auto-discover servers and host systems?

Yes. dcTrack can auto-discover systems that have SNMP v1, v2 or v3 enabled using the standard RFC 1213 MIB.

Does dcTrack do real-time monitoring?

Yes. dcTrack can monitor in real time the power and environmental readings from SNMP-enabled power and environmental devices, such as UPS, PDU, rack PDU, power supplies, CRAC units, and temperature and humidity probes. dcTrack can update these readings down to 1-second intervals.

What are the requirements for deploying dcTrack?

Microsoft® SQL server 2000 or 2005. Depending on the size of the database, the server may not have to be dedicated. dcTrack may run as an SQL database instance or on a virtual machine running an SQL server. The end-user installation requires MS Windows 2000 or XP with the latest service packs.

Is there a maintenance plan for dcTrack?

Yes. The plan includes telephone and email support, bug fixes, maintenance releases and library updates.

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