What is Power IQ?

Power IQ Energy Management Software provides vendor agnostic centralized monitoring, graceful OS shutdown, outlet control, as well as powerful thermal and energy analytics of your active power, costs, line capacities, carbon footprint and rack temperature. Trending reports and cumulative totals can be displayed at the data center, floor, room, rack, customer and IT device level. You can generate customer energy billback cost reports in local currency with one click. Through one Web browser, the scalable Power IQ manages APC®, Avocent®, Baytech®, Cyber Switching®, Geist, HP, Knurr®, Liebert, MRV, Raritan, Rittal®, Server Technology and UNITE™ rack PDUs, UPSs and more. Our system is open database compliant and provides a Web Service API for integration with enterprise systems and tools. It simplifies PX™ configuration and firmware management, plus security is ensured with standards-based authentication, Web session timeout and IP-based access control.

What platforms will Power IQ run on?

Power IQ will run on any VMware® platform or on an appliance Raritan provides.

What is a VMware virtual appliance?

Virtual appliances are pre-built, pre-configured, ready-to-run applications packaged with an operating system inside a virtual machine. Virtual appliances are designed to eliminate the installation, configuration and maintenance costs associated with running complex stacks of software. Customers can easily install and deploy these pre-integrated solution stacks.

How do I deploy Power IQ?

Raritan provides a DVD that sets up a turnkey system, including application software, database, operating system and Web server. The system is ready to run on any VMware® platform, including the free VMware ESXi™ for organizations that don’t already have VMware.

How frequently does Power IQ collect data?

Data collection is user configurable from once every 15 seconds to once every hour.

What is the Raritan appliance?

You have the option to deploy Power IQ as a VMware® virtual appliance or to use Raritan’s physical appliance. The Raritan appliance is a 2U, rack-mountable server with Intel® Xeon® Quad Core CPU, 4GB RAM, redundant fans and dual power supply.

Are failed login attempts recorded?

Yes, Power IQ provides a syslog message to notify you if there was a failed login attempt.

Does Power IQ support secure LDAP?

Yes, LDAP over a secure port is supported.

Does Power IQ support LDAP “lock-out” settings?

Power IQ respects the “lock-out” settings of an LDAP server. If a user attempts multiple invalid logins, and the LDAP server set the account to be blocked, it no longer allows access.

Do session timeouts work in an LDAP setting?

Session timeouts are applicable to both LDAP users and the local administrator account.

What is the Power IQ upgrade path?

Each Power IQ model contains the same software. You can purchase the license capacity that meets your needs today and then update the license capacity as you grow. A device license capacity upgrade does not require a hardware change. We offer 10-, 20-, 50- and 100-device license upgrade packages.

Does Power IQ software offer support and updates?

One year of software tech support and updates are included in your initial purchase. Software upgrades do not impact configuration or history data. You have the option to renew this on an annual basis for approximately 18% of the original license.

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