Features & Benefits

Cooling Chart Energy Efficiency – Understand if you are compliant with manufacturer and industry-accepted recommendations, and project how much energy you can save by increasing room ambient temperature.
Trend Analysis Charts Reduce Downtime – Establish baselines and track long-term trends for energy consumption, power load, line current, temperature and humidity. Avoid project delays and downtime due to lack of power supply or circuit overloads.
Carbon Footprint Charts Peace of Mind – Certify usage change from one period to another to support carbon credit claims.
Energy Billback Charts Energy Efficiency – Drive energy conservation behavior by billing back energy consumption to users.
PDU Health Chart Reduce Downtime – Easily spot power health incidents before they become serious problems.
Vendor Agnostic Power Control
Agentless Graceful Operating System Shutdown and Outlet Control Reduces energy costs under normal operations and extends battery life during power failure.
Remote Power On/Off of Outlets, IT Devices, Device Groups and Racks Operational efficiency.
Vendor Agnostic Data Aggregation and Grouping
Group Data Via IT Device, Customer / Department, Rack, Row, Zone and Building Turns a large amount of detailed data into useful information to enhance capacity planning and energy efficiency initiatives.
Collect Power Data: Outlet Current and Active Power; Line Current Draw and Available Current; Unit Active Power and Apparent Power Use one system for information aggregation.
Collect Environmental Data from Temperature and Humidity Probes Find hot spots in your data center.
User Configurable Polling The data polling can be configured from 15 seconds to 24 hours.
User Configurable Data Retention System administrator can control data retention period.
Open Data Model and Web Service API
Open Database Connectivity Provides you with the flexibility to use your own reporting system, such as Crystal reports or SQL, to store and analyze data. This can save training time and lets you create the exact custom reports you require.
Web Service API Easily integrate into your systems and tools. Build your own customer applications for power control.
Import and Export Data Via CSV File Leverage data and information between systems and organizations.
Centralized Rack PDU Management
Centralized Management Consolidates names, polling status, locations, models and firmware for all your rack PDUs onto one screen and saves valuable management time.
Monitoring for Alerts andThreshold Violations Increase uptime by becoming aware of incidents before they become problems.
PDU System and Outlet Naming Common tool to set names in bulk or one at a time to save time. Also allows you to save outlet names in an Excel® file for future reference and updates.

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