Raritan Power IQ® energy management software automates secure, time-base power management and control which enables powerful analytics reporting of energy cost, temperature, active power, line capacity and carbon footprint.

Raritan-Power-IQ-mediaPower IQ Energy Management Software provides vendor agnostic centralized monitoring, agentless graceful OS shutdown, outlet control, powerful thermal and energy analytics of your active power, costs, line capacities, carbon footprint and rack temperature. Trending reports and cumulative totals can be displayed at the data center, floor, room, rack, customer and IT device level. You can generate customer energy billback cost reports in local currency with one click. Through one Web browser, the scalable Power IQ manages APC®, Avocent®, Baytech®, Cyber Switching®, Eaton, Geist, HP, Knurr®, Liebert®, MRV, Raritan®, Rittal®, Server Technology® and UNITE rack PDUs, UPSs and more.


Efficiently Utilize Energy

Power IQ® provides you with valuable information and automated control that can help you gain efficiencies in the data center right away, including:

  • Baseline data center energy usage by IT device, rack, zone, customer, department and data center
  • Measurement of energy improvements
  • Understanding of which systems are candidates for consolidation
  • At-the-rack temperature measurement to identify areas to adjust cooling
  • Energy cost bill-back reports with one click
  • Tracking changes in carbon footprint
  • Remote power on/off and automated power control, saving energy and equipment


Make Informed Capacity Planning Decisions

Power IQ® lets you accurately monitor and measure key power data, so you can manage current needs and plan for future growth. Capabilities include:

  • Collecting actual current draw to compare to rated capacity
  • Collecting and grouping actual power load to update design assumptions
  • Monitoring trends to understand future needs
  • Finding hot spots and eliminating them by making informed add/move decisions
  • Open Standards-Based System Architecture
  • Web Service API – for easy integration with your systems and custom programs
  • LDAP/AD support offers easier centralized authentication
  • Open database compliant system allows for easy information sharing
  • Up to 256-bit AES encryption protects your information

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