Enterprise Storage Beyond Time and Space Limits
In 2012, a group of storage industry veterans founded Reduxio with the vision to redefine data management and protection by taking advantage of new processing, networking and media technologies.
Reduxio’s new line of enterprise flash hybrid primary storage solutions is based on the revolutionary TimeOS storage operating system.  It provides breakthrough storage efficiency and performance, and the unique ability to recover data to any second in the past.  This performance far exceeds anything available on the market today, and offers much greater flexibility than traditional snapshots.
Reduxio’s hybrid flash array can also eliminate the typical trade-offs that business owners had come to accept.  Trade-offs in: performance vs. cost savings; protection vs. capacity; and features vs. simplicity are eliminated. The Reduxio solution was built for both performance and efficiency. Reduxio’s TimeOS storage operating system makes it extremely simple to manage.  TimeOS boasts automated efficiency and performance features that are always on and don’t require configuration. Additionally, storage volumes are thin provisioned, so storage space is consumed only as needed.

  • Reduxio Enterprise Storage Solutions Reduxio has the first true innovation in data storage management in 20 years. Instantly recover data from any second in the system’s history with no upfront planning or data copy. Increased storage capacity with our deduplication and compression. Affordable Flash performance, and more…
  • Download Reduxio Backdating: Data Recovery Product Brief (PDF) Backdating™ makes snapshots obsolete with one-second recovery intervals that are consistent across all hosts and volumes. Working like a continuous data recorder, BackDating™ lets you instantly recover from any moment in history down to the second.
  • Download Reduxio Case Study: Reduxio’s HX550 – Simple, Efficient, Hybrid Flash Storage (PDF) ESG Lab validated the Reduxio HX550 hybrid flash array with a focus on ease of use and performance. The HX550’s innovative architecture can bring the performance advantages of flash to more of your workloads; in addition, the Backdating feature serves as an enterprise-class “time machine,” enabling instant restore to one-second recovery points without using snapshots.