Reduxio has the first true innovation in data storage management in 20 years.

  • Instantly recover data from any second in the system’s history with no upfront planning or data copy.
  • 5X your storage capacity with our Always-on In-Memory In-Line Deduplication and Compression.
  • Affordable Flash performance with automatic and autonomous tiering algorithm, which requires minimal intervention.
  • Proactive support that automatically predicts and detects issues.
  • Solutions for leading enterprise software and applications from VMware®, Microsoft® and Oracle®.

Software: Take control over time and space. Time-based storage operating system with Always-on Global Data Reduction
Platforms: Hard to believe all this comes in a 2U package. Ultra-dense enterprise class hardware with exceptional performance
Application Integration: Recovery from any second with leading applications. Application-aware management software for simpler provisioning and data protection
Virtualization Infrastructure: Get the best performance available for you virtualized infrastructure without compromising your budget. Instantly recover VMs and entire VM stores back to any second
Databases: Forget about cumbersome snapshot scheduling and consistency group configurations. Snapshots are obsolete. Never lose more than 1 second of transaction ever again.
DevOps: Simplify the dev-built-test workflow by eliminating clone-parent dependencies. Clone and refresh development environment in a few second.

  • Download Reduxio Backdating: Data Recovery Product Brief (PDF) Backdating™ makes snapshots obsolete with one-second recovery intervals that are consistent across all hosts and volumes. Working like a continuous data recorder, BackDating™ lets you instantly recover from any moment in history down to the second.
  • Download Reduxio Case Study: Reduxio’s HX550 – Simple, Efficient, Hybrid Flash Storage (PDF) ESG Lab validated the Reduxio HX550 hybrid flash array with a focus on ease of use and performance. The HX550’s innovative architecture can bring the performance advantages of flash to more of your workloads; in addition, the Backdating feature serves as an enterprise-class “time machine,” enabling instant restore to one-second recovery points without using snapshots.

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