Now, Ruckus Wi-Fi systems can be securely controlled, monitored, and upgraded from anywhere in the world, over the Internet or a private IP network — with FlexMaster. It’ a complete management platform for building and managing Enterprise and Carrier-Grade Wi-Fi Service Infrastructures.

Ruckus-Wireless-FlexMaster-Management-SoftwareThe Ruckus FlexMaster Management System (9.0) is a fully-featured, intuitive, and complete, Linux-based managed service platform for configuration, fault detection, audit, performance management and optimization of hundreds of thousands of remote Smart Wi-Fi APs or Smart Wireless LANs (WLANs) from a single point. It provides a unique collection of automated and customized facilities not found in other management platforms such as an automated and customized super dashboard, trending reports and customized graphs, detailed client data for planning and troubleshooting and comprehensive events management.

Fitting seamlessly into existing operational support systems (OSS), FlexMaster is ideal for telecommunication carriers, multi-service operators, and broadband providers looking to monetize Wi-Fi services in growing new services markets, including hotspots, hotzones, home spots, and IPTV services. FlexMaster offers tiered administration, making it the perfect platform for offering managed WLAN service or cloud-based WLAN management services. This allows end customers to remotely view, securely control, easily manage and automatically configure only their network infrastructure and assets. FlexMaster lets enterprises of all sizes securely control, monitor, and upgrade Smart Wi-Fi systems anywhere in the world, whether over the Internet or a private IP network.

FlexMaster Management Software features:

  • Single platform for Wi-Fi service management
  • Carrier-grade scalability of hundreds of thousands of remote Smart Wi-Fi APs or Smart Wireless LANs (WLANs)
  • Seamless integration with existing OSS systems
  • Leverages industry-standard protocols such as SNMP, TR-069, SOAP, TCP, and HTTP/S to access devices on networks that otherwise might be blocked by local firewalls
  • At-a-glance customizable network dashboard provides overview of events, devices, and clients
  • Easy installation and use by automatically discovering deployed devices in the network
  • Bulk configuration and firmware upgrades eliminate tedious remote configuration
  • Easy management grouping by geography, device type, serial number, and customer
  • Detailed historical reports by device, client, mesh changes for a specified time
  • Reduced total cost of ownership from eliminating service calls and remote IT diagnostics
  • New revenue streams, resulting from the ability to offer innovative managed Wi-Fi services
  • Multi-tiered administration for offering managed WLAN service or cloud-based WLAN management services
Single Platform for Wi-Fi Service Management Simple to use, install, and deploy Web-based management platform for managing discrete Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi APs or wireless LAN systems
Comprehensive Management Leverages industry-standard protocols such as SNMP, TR-069, TCP, and HTTP/S for secure communication across the entire network
Carrier-Grade Scalability Automatically discover, configure, monitor, and troubleshoot tens of thousands of remote devices
At-A-Glance Customizable Network Dashboard Provides system health overview of events, device connectivity, status of associated clients and much more
Bulk Configuration and Firmware Upgrades Upgrade individual or groups of Ruckus devices with a mouse click
Sophisticated Filtering, Searching and Grouping Easily group and manage devices by geography,  device type, serial number, and customer
Advanced Reporting Administrators can define, configure, and select a  variety of criteria to quickly run detailed historical reports such as device downtime, connected clients, mesh changes at a specified time
Hierarchical Administration Rights Provides multi-tiered access to the partitioned  views of the networks’ statistics, status, and reports
Cloud Services FlexMaster lets operators offer managed services from a single platform giving each customer remote visibility and control of their own network elements and network services

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