The Secure Data Solution® (SDS) is a patented and patent-pending virtual tape system and remote vault that allows an organization to efficiently store and retrieve compressed and encrypted virtual tape images (VTIs). The SDS appears as tape units to attached computer systems; however, in actuality, the virtual tape images are compressed and encrypted files that permanently reside on the Secure Data Solution’s disk arrays. As virtual tape images are being written to a local SDS, they can also be transmitted to other Secure Data Solutions installed at remote sites for disaster recovery purposes or to be shared by applications that can process these VTIs by computer systems that are connected to the SDS at these remote sites. The Secure Data Solution can save an organization the liability from the loss or theft of sensitive data by its inherent data encryption and by reducing off-site tape handling requirements.


The Secure Data Solution is available in a number of configurations that can satisfy small, medium or large organizations’ needs. The Secure Data Solution’s SAN Server maintains the tape images on its Raid 5- or Raid 6-based disk arrays. The local SDS can be configured with a mirrored array, or it can be configured with a local un-mirrored array connected to a remote fibre-attached array within 100 kilometers—offering the best in data protection.


PTS’ technical design and deployment approach includes a consultative assessment, plan, and design approach to confirm the right product for purchase and deployment within the data center or computer room. Our approach follows an eleven step process:

Data Center Consulting Data Center Design and Engineering Data Center Products Data Center Construction Data Center Commissioning Data Center Implementation Data Center Monitoring and Control Data Center Operations and Maintenance

Features and Benefits

The SDS solution provides the following features and benefits:

Enhanced data protection via encryption and compression Saves an organization the liability from the loss or theft of sensitive data by its inherent data encryption and by reducing off-site tape handling requirements
Multiple platform support The Secure Data Solution emulates commonly installed tape drives that are connected by ESCON, FICON, or Fibre Channel SCSI. A single Secure Data Solution can store tape images that have been created by any combination of these supported systems and drives.
Variety of product configurations are available Solution can be applied to small, medium, or large organizational requirements. Local SDS can be configured with a mirrored array or with a local un-mirrored array within 100 kilometers.
Automated tape movement Host Interface Component examines all mount messages and passes the critical information to the SDS regarding the tape being created. Also provides SDS alarms to the OS consoles that can be trapped and addressed by automation.
Multi and early read capabilities Unlike traditional tape, the Secure Data Solution allows a virtual tape image to be read concurrently by multiple processes
Environmentally friendly The Secure Data Solution normally resides in a stan­dard communications cabinet and requires few envi­ronmental resources.
Easily grows with your needs The Secure Data Solution is infinitely scalable. As an organization’s tape resource requirements increase, the Secure Data Solution grows with them—protecting any prior investment made in the SDS.
Remote control The SecureAgent Administrator provides a single access point across an enterprise that allows an opera­tor to issue commands to all of the Secure Data Solu­tion’s components.
Savings, security & reliability The Secure Data Solution is a vastly scalable, cost-effective alternative to an organization’s tape process that saves staff, environmentals, off-site tape logistics, and the liability from the loss or theft of sensitive data.
Easy migration Moving to the SDS from an existing environment is easily accomplished using a proven two-phase migra­tion strategy.