Slash Energy Costs with Better Air Flow Dynamics

PTS’s data center cooling solutions help protect your critical operations while enabling you to reduce operating costs and increase capacity. With hot aisle cold aisle isolation you can depend on easy-to-deploy data center partitions with superior safety features and high quality.
AirBlock Data Center Curtains were developed with a singular goal: to provide the finest quality curtains for achieving hot-aisle/cold-aisle containment in the data center. AirBlock Data Center Curtains are engineered for performance, and exceed all fire and safety standards. Simplex products are made from virgin materials to provide extra clear transparency and protection against yellowing and cracking.
Choose from proprietary material options that include vinyls with ESD resistance and those that are free from outgassing. All AirBlock Data Center Curtains are tested to NFPA and ASTM E-84 Class 1 standards for flame and smoke generation, guaranteed to help maintain compliance with local fire codes.
AirBlock Data Center Curtains offer a selection of mounting systems that offer solutions to existing infrastructure in the legacy data center.  There are virtually limitless options for new installations. Modular design allows for easy installation and expansion in the event of a growing data center.

Features and Benefits

  • Cost Savings: increased capacity and stabilized temperatures will cut power costs and help take advantage of utility company rebates.
  • Modular designs: allows for easy expansion and reconfiguration to meet the changing needs of your evolving data center.
  • Integration: AirBlock data center containment curtains can be used in conjunction with end-of-aisle solutions, doors, hardwall partitions and ceiling modules for a complete data center approach.
  • Various Material Options: choose from a wide variety of materials to suit your needs, including proprietary materials that meet NFPA 76 data center standard, the ASTM E-84 standards and are Class 1 fire rated, with the lowest smoke and flame spread ratings available.
  • Sizing Options: specify full length ceiling-to-floor curtains, or custom lengths for above-the-rack installations.
  • Overlapping Design: vinyl panels are 40 mil thick and 48 inches wide, with four-inch overlaps to prevent leakage.
  • Data Center Strip Doors: end-of-aisle access is easy with strip doors, as the strips come back together easily to limit air loss from one area to another.
  • Molded Corner Design: molded, wraparound corners form superior seals in the data center.
  • Fire Safety: Hardware is designed so that curtains fall away in the case of a fire, allowing sprinklers full operating range.

Easy Mounting and Assembly
There is a unique array of strip door and curtain mountings that allow you to customize your enclosures and barriers. Mountings are extruded from 6063-T5 aluminum and come in standard anodized clear coat.
Data Center Hardwall Enclosures
AirBlock Data Center Hardwall Systems enable hot aisle and cold aisle regions in the data center that have the performance of hardwalls, but still retain the modular capabilities.
The AirBlock Data Center Hardwall System features Active Channel Technology. This technology is found in the two-piece extrusion frame and allows the end user to adjust the insert channel of the data center frame to accommodate different sizes of solid inserts—from 1/8″ to 3/8″. Choose from a wide variety of insert materials, including polycarbonate, polypropylene, ABS, aluminum composite, acrylic, or even tempered glass.
The Active Channel Technology design creates a snug interior mounting of the panel insert that is flush with the frame, keeping the assembled hardwall panel looking sleek and modern in appearance.

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