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You’ve grown accustomed to a data center with best-of-breed compute, storage and networking – and all of the resiliency features that maximize uptime and high service levels. However, now that you’ve virtualized a large percentage of workloads and experienced new levels of efficiency, you may want to emulate new cloud architectures. Meet OmniCube: hyperconverged infrastructure that delivers the economies of scale of a cloud computing model while still ensuring enterprise IT performance and resiliency for virtual workloads.

OmniCube stands apart. It’s not only a hyperconverged infrastructure platform. OmniCube has a data architecture that uniquely addresses data efficiency and global management requirements required in virtualized and cloud computing environments. OmniCube’s single unified stack runs on hyperconverged x86 building blocks, simplifying infrastructure. OmniCube delivers infrastructure at a fraction of cost and with extreme reduction in complexity. Deploying a network of two or more OmniCubes creates a global federation that facilitates efficient data movement, resource sharing and scalability.

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  • Use hyperconverged infrastructure to simplify IT & reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Achieve economics & agility of large scale web companies in your data center
  • Solve capacity, performance, data protection, mobility & management challenges

Hyperconvergence is the ultimate in an overall trend of convergence that has hit the market in recent years. Convergence is intended to bring simplicity to increasingly complex data centers. At the highest level, hyperconvergence is a way to enable cloud-like economics and scale without compromising the performance, reliability, and availability you expect in your own data center.

SimpliVity OmniCube Models

SimpliVity offers a range of models within the OmniCube portfolio, each one optimized for differing environments and use cases:

  • CN2000 Series is a compact system designed to run remote office or smaller workloads. It offers 8 to 24 CPU cores and 5 to 10TB of usable storage capacity.
  • CN3000 is a general-purpose modular system designed to run all data center applications. It offers 12 to 24 CPU cores and 20 to 40TB of usable storage capacity.
  • CN5000 is a high-performance system optimized to run high-performance applications. It offers 24 CPU cores and 15 to 30TB of usable storage capacity.


SimpliVity OmniCube Differentiation

What does the landscape of converged infrastructure vendors look like? Good, better and best. The earliest products to market consisted of legacy products delivered as a pre-racked and pre-cabled system based on a reference architecture. They are still separate storage, compute and networking products to manage and support. Building block appliances based on commodity converged hardware improved deployment and acquisition cost. They easily scale by adding modular appliances. What’s missing, however, is the data architecture to address performance, capacity, mobility, protection and management issues.

OmniCube is a single consumable IT system. It’s a unified software infrastructure stack on commodity x86 hardware in a single shared resource pool. OmniCube simplifies management, resolves interoperability issues, and reduces costs when compared with the legacy stack. OmniCube’s innovation is in its Data Virtualization Platform, which delivers performance efficiency (by eliminating redundant reads/writes) and capacity efficiency (by reducing the storage “footprint” of data). OmniCube also achieves VM-centricity by tracking what data belongs to which virtual machine, and enabling VM-mobility.

SimpliVity OmniCube Data Virtualization Platform

OmniCube’s data virtualization platform improves performance, capacity and mobility as it:

  • reduces IOPS requirements by driving efficiency at data’s point of origin and radically reducing read/write IO.
  • reduces capacity requirements by deduplicating, compressing and optimizing data at inception, in real time, once and forever across the lifecycle.
  • tracks what data belongs to which virtual machine, enabling efficient virtual machine mobility.
  • federates management within and across sites, reducing complexity and cost of management.
  • integrates data protection, eliminating the need for traditional backup software and hardware.

OmniCube Features:

  • Global Deduplication
  • Hardware Acceleration
  • Global Federated Management
  • Hyperconvergence
  • Integrated Data Protection

OmniStack Integrated Solution with Cisco UCS

Data center virtualization, standardization, consolidation and automation. These are no small tasks on your way to a software-defined data center. That’s why SimpliVity is combining with Cisco to deliver OmniStack Integrated Solution with Cisco Unified Computing System, a SimpliVity-enabled hyperconverged infrastructure solution.

SimpliVity’s OmniStack technology—including OmniStack software and its revolutionary Accelerator Card—allows you to achieve unprecedented hyperconvergence and enable the software-defined data center you’ve been seeking. Cisco UCS C-Series Rack-Mount servers deliver unified computing in an industry-standard form factor. By leveraging OmniStack running on Cisco UCS, you can achieve 3x TCO savings based on acquisition cost of IT infrastructure, cost of labor, space, and power.

OmniStack with Cisco UCS: Solution Overview

The solution consists of SimpliVity OmniStack software-defined infrastructure that combines eight to twelve core data center functions on Cisco x86 building blocks to deliver hyperconverged infrastructure. Clustering multiple OmniStack- powered hyperconverged infrastructure units forms a shared resource pool and delivers high availability and efficient scaling of performance and capacity. Instances of OmniStack-powered hyperconverged infrastructure within and across data centers form a federation that can be globally managed from a single interface via vCenter.

OmniStack Integrated Solution with Cisco UCS empowers you with the following:

  • You can set up global VM-centric policies, manage workloads in the federation and automate common tasks. This allows you to be more agile and efficient, and reduces your operational costs. OmniStack’s VM-centric approach shifts policies from underlying hardware components to workloads, enabling greater mobility and agility.
  • You gain integrated data protection with VM-level backup policies and WAN-optimized replication to a second site or the cloud for disaster recovery and cost effective, off-site backup.
  • OmniStack data virtualization platform manages data segments in 4K to 8K chunks and deduplicates redundant segments before data hits disk, eliminating unnecessary read/write IO. Deduplicating, compressing and optimizing data in real time saves IOPS and capacity on primary storage and throughout the workload’s lifecycle.


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