SimpliVity OmniStack is the industry’s first and only globally federated and hyperconverged infrastructure solution. OmniStack combines all of the infrastructure and functions below the hypervisor, eliminating the need for about a dozen discrete infrastructure and software products. By doing so, OmniStack dramatically simplifies IT. Designed and optimized for the virtual environment, it enables dramatic improvements to the management, protection, and performance of virtual workloads – all at a fraction of the cost and extreme reduction in complexity compared to today’s traditional infrastructure stack.


OmniStack delivers the core functionality of pooling and sharing x86 hardware resources. Its Data Virtualization Platform performs deduplication, compression and optimization of data, which delivers performance and capacity improvements to OmniStack-powered hyperconverged infrastructure; and offers global unified management. OmniStack hyperconvergence is available as a software solution and turnkey hyperconverged infrastructure when packaged on x86 systems. SimpliVity offers two turnkey hyperconverged infrastructure platforms: OmniCube, packaged on 2U servers; and OmniStack Integrated Solution for Cisco UCS, packaged on Cisco Unified Computing Systems.

OmniStack provides an optimal platform for VDI because it:

  • Improves Performance. OmniStack provides inline deduplication, compression and optimization of all data at inception, once and forever, which eliminates IOPS since redundant data is never written to disk. Critical IO resources are reserved for desktops and applications, which prevents boot storms.
  • Consolidates Siloed Infrastructure. OmniStack provides the perfect platform for data center consolidation, merging the infrastructure, management screens and operations of all critical IT applications, including VDI.
  • Provides Native Data Protection. VDI no longer needs to be relegated to “second-class citizen” status in the data center. You can commit to, and fulfill, SLAs to the business while improving RTOs and RPOs for VDI.
  • Improves User Experience. Persistent desktops are the preferred choice by users and the technology most likely to be embraced as it most closely resembles the physical desktops of the past. OmniCube’s inline deduplication, compression, and optimization is that “emerging technology” that changes the cost model, making persistent desktops a reality.

SimpliVity OmniStack is the perfect solution to deliver VDI with the user experience end-users expect and at the cost that you require.

VDI Deployment

PTS can deploy VDI from within PTS’ Cloud Data Center or from a hosted deployment. Contact PTS with your VDI needs, and we’ll tailor a solution to match your requirements in your preferred environment.

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