Increase energy savings potential with STULZ-ATS  CyberAiR® family of precision air conditioners offering standard DX Free Cooling, advanced Dynamic Free Cooling® water-side economizers and 100% Outside Air economizers.  Precise component control ensures precise interior climate control. STULZ-ATS answers your energy savings challenges for every application in every location.

Advanced Dynamic Free-Cooling water-side economizers are available on the CyberTWO (VFS) and 100% outside air-side economizers are available on both the CyberTWO (VFS) DX and Compact-Line Chilled Water (CWE) answering all your energy saving challenges.

Dynamic Free Cool (DFC) water-side economizers increase energy savings potential. Stulz-ATS CyberAiR® family of precision air conditioners, with cooling capacities ranging 6 – 30 tons, using EC Fan Technology, and Dynamic Free Cooling (DFC), automatically switch to the best operating mode on the basis of the heat load in the data center and seasonal variations in outside temperature.

Stulz-Economizer-Full-Hybrid-with-DFCFull hybrid with indirect free cooling

DFC combines compressor cooling and free cooling in four stages, rather than the traditional two stage approach, and automatically searches for the most economical operating mode. In cool weather, DFC makes use of economical indirect free cooling, which extracts all its cooling power from the outside air. Energy-intensive compressor cooling (DX) is only switched on when absolutely necessary.

Stulz-DFC-SavingsComplete electronic control for DFC savings

With utmost sensitivity and precision, DFC selects the most energy-saving mode, controls the speed of the EC fans in the air-conditioning unit and those of the dry cooler, regulates the position of the control valves, reduces the electricity consumption of the pumps and ensures precise interior climate control.

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