Stulz-CyberCool-XT-Chiller-Cooling-SolutionStulz CyberCool XT Chiller Cooling Solutions offer chilled water generator developed for maximum reliability in data centers. With cooling capacities from 4 kW to 1,700 kW, the product line boasts enormous ranges of versions and sizes to offer clients precisely what they need. For both indoor and outdoor use – every device is compact, read-to-connect, and can be started up quickly and easily.

  • Compact, ready-to-connect chillers for internal and external installation
  • Numerous precision-designed versions and different sizes
  • Straightforward, fast installation and start-up

Features & Benefits

Free Cooling Up to 40% more economical when free cooling is applied
Reliable and cost-efficient With excellent efficiency of up to 92%, EC fans noticeably lower energy consumption and the running and lifecycle costs of precision air conditions and chillers
Cost-efficient in partial load mode The design of chillers assumes maximum heat load – but during normal operation, this capacity is seldom used 100%; with speed-controlled components such as fans or compressors, a great deal of energy can be saved in partial load mode



Overview of CyberCool Chillers



Cooling capacity (in kW)

Free cooling available

Air-cooled outdoor CSO/CLO (A) 36 to 235 yes
CEO (A) 4 to 72 no
CFO (A) 86 to 965 yes
CGO (A) 365 to 1525 yes, up to 1200 kW
Air-cooled indoor CEI (A) 4 to 23 no
CHI (A) 25 to 144 no
CFI (A) 173 to 257 no
Air-cooled indoor, split CSI (A) 20 to 100 no
CHS (A) 5 to 138 no
CFS (A) 174 to 487 no
CGS (A) 380 to 1517 no
Liquid-cooled indoor CSI (G) 20 to 100 no
CEI (W) 6 to 35 no
CHI (W) 27 to 144 no
CFI (W) 197 to 511 no
CGI (W) 468 to 1537 no
Pump & Transfer CPI (CW) 20 to 100 no
CPI (CW2) 2×20 to 2×100 yes

Overview of CyberCool Pump Stations



Flow (in m3/h)


Pump stations CPP (CW) 10 to 50 CyberAir 2
CDI 4 to 7 CyberCool XT
CDO 4 to 108 CyberCool XT


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