CyberRow is an advanced precision A/C unit, which is tailor-made for the targeted cooling of racks. In the CyberRow, innovative air conduction has been enhanced by state-of-the-art technology, which enhances the performance, flexibility and efficiency. Fluctuating server rack loads, space restrictions, lack of a raised floor, existing server technology – these are some of the tricky situations in everyday practice that the CyberRow has been specially developed to deal with.

CyberRow is a standalone A/C unit and is installed and operated independently from the rack. This complete separation of the rack and the A/C unit increases reliability and provides greater freedom for designing the layout in the data centre.

CyberRow is available with 2 sizes and 4 different cooling systems:

  • CW-System (chilled water cooling)
  • A-System (direct expansion)
  • G-System (direct expansion and plate condenser)
  • GE-System (direct expansion with indirect free cooling)
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Features & Benefits

Horizontal air conduction The cold air reaches the rack via the shortest route
Electronic control Monitors and controls all components inside and outside the A/C unit that are needed to generate cold air
3 EC fans Independent, infinitely adjustable EC fans ensure maximum efficiency
EC compressor Infinitely adjustable for precise cooling capacity and 50% lower power consumption when starting the compressor, thanks to soft start function
Electronic expansion value Finely controls the cooling capacity within a few seconds
Flexibility and compatibility The CyberRow is available in 4 different cooling systems (A, CW, G, and as a GE system with Indirect Fee Cooling) and in 2 sizes
Modernizing cooling systems in existing buildings Thanks to its compact size and universal suitability for racks from different manufacturers, the CyberRow can also be used without need to modernize cooling system in existing buildings

CyberRow Features

Feature / System CW DX G GE
EC Fans check check check check
EC Compressor check check check
Electronic Expansion Valve check check check
Zig-zag Air Filter check check check check
C2020 check check check check
C7000 check
Free Cooling check
2-way Valve check

Technical specification

CyberRow DX Size 1 DX Size 2 CW Size 1 CW Size 2
Height (in mm) 1,950 1,950 1,950 1,950
Depth (in mm) 1,175 1,175 1,175 1,175
Width (in mm) 400 600 400 600
Cooling capacity (in kW) 24.0 36.5 32.2 56.0
Airflow (in m³/h) 4,700 7,700 6,000 10,800
Water flow – cooling (in l/h) n.a. n.a. 5,540 9,630

CyberRow with Variable Capacity Control

Efficient IT plant runs 24/7, but the operational conditions in a Data Center can change throughout the day. The CyberRow rack-coolers monitor and adapt the cooling capacity to the local heat load. This avoids the under or over supply of cooling in a particular area.

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