SwitchandDatalogo1Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Tampa, Fla., Switch and Data is the leading provider of carrier neutral colocation and interconnection services. A pioneer in the market, the company is focused exclusively on delivering state-of-the-art solutions for leading telecommunications carriers, Internet Service Providers, Application Service Providers, content and hosting providers, and other Enterprise companies dependent upon a managed infrastructure. To date, more than 880 companies have chosen Switch and Data as their colocation and interconnection services provider of choice. Switch and Data operates 34 facilities in 23 markets-the largest footprint of any neutral provider in North America-and has access to more than 350 unique networks, providing customers with more choices than any other services provider in the industry. The company also operates PAIX services in 12 locations and 6 markets, and has the largest neutral commercial Internet exchange point in the world, providing its customers with vast transit and peering opportunities.

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  • Switch and Data Solutions Switch and Data’s colocation services provide customers with a reliable, secure, and climate controlled environment. Each of the company’s 34 colocation facilities feature flexible space options, redundant power and cooling systems, physical security, and other sophisticated systems for fire suppression and water leak detection. By outsourcing network-dependent components of their IT infrastructure to Switch and Data’s secure, state-of-the-art colocation facilities, customers realize dramatic improvements in network security, performance, and cost-effectiveness. Proactive up-time Service Level Agreements guarantee that its colocation services will be available not less than 99.999% of the time, ensuring uninterrupted performance for its customers’ mission-critical systems.