SynapSense-logoSynapSense Corporation provides complete wireless instrumentation solutions that offer energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction for the world’s leading data centers and enterprises. The company was founded in May 2006 by Peter Van Deventer and Dr. Raju Pandey, and is venture-backed by American River Ventures, Emerald Technology Ventures, Sequoia Capital, DFJ Frontier, and Nth Power. The SynapSense Solution is comprised of a complete hardware and software set that enables a robust sensor net platform and extensive customer applications. It provides data center operators up granular visibility and monitoring, and real-time data, which can enable energy savings of up to 20%. It provides new data intelligence, triangulation and tools to monitor and react to actual data center conditions. SynapSense leverages existing sensor net industry investments, utilizing best-in-class hardware from identified partners, and building upon that with internally developed sensing platforms and software applications.

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  • SynapSoft 4.0 The Synapsense SynapSoft 4.0 solution provides real-time, complete data center monitoring and visibility, allowing data center managers and facilities operators to make changes to their floor plan and energy use, while reducing their risk of downtime and reducing energy costs. This ground-breaking, green energy solution is comprised of a complete wireless hardware and software solution set designed specifically for large and global data centers (5K-10K sq. ft. minimum).