Synapsense’s SynapSoft 4.0

SynapSense-logoThis solution provides real-time, complete data center monitoring and visibility, allowing data center managers and facilities operators to make changes to their floor plan and energy use, while reducing their risk of downtime and reducing energy costs. This ground-breaking, green energy solution is comprised of a complete wireless hardware and software solution set designed specifically for large and global data centers (5K-10K sq. ft. minimum).

SynapSoft™ 4.0 also features LiveImaging™ the first real-time energy and operational efficiency solution that enables data center operators to literally see temperature, humidity, and pressure trends in their data center, and take corrective action with confidence.  LiveImaging™ maps highlight your specific environmental conditions using 3D real-time data at multiple levels of the data center, and provide a visual display of actual examples of thermal air mixing, pressure differential, and humidity.

SynapSoft 4.0 Features

  • LiveImaging™ using real-time 3D data
  • Comprehensive environmental visibility and alerts
  • Supports cooling capacity management -depicts real-time impact of changes
  • Air mixing index for racks and air loss index for CRACs
  • Alarms and alerts via email for quick problem resolution
  • Simple, easy to navigate user interface
  • Graphing for easy detection of trends and issues
  • Data export capability
  • Historical data viewing
  • Direct communication with BMS via SNMP – BACNet coming soon
  • Data center assessment and recommendation services (priced separately)
  • Ease of installation & reconfigurability to support a dynamic data center

Core Components

  • Sensor Instrumentation
  • Efficiency Consulting
  • Containment Services
  • Non-disruptive Installation
  • Service Agreement
  • Support Program
  • SynapSoft™ Data Center Application Suite
  • SynapSense™ Wireless Network
  • Alarm & Alert System
  • SynapSense™ Gateways
  • SynapSense™ Server
  • SynapSense™ Wireless Nodes

Core Synapsoft Feature: Live Imaging

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LiveImaging™ provides thermal, pressure differential, and humidity mapping using 3D real-time data at multiple levels of your data center. Customers can literally see hot spots and direct airflow to avoid over-heating or air mixing. LiveImaging™ pressure mapping enabled one customer to dramatically increase sub-plenum pressure differential by 60%, thereby improving airflow to such an extent, they were able to turn off a CRAC unit.

Benefits include

  • An integrated view of the data center environment, and a record of anomalies
  • Real-time visibility of the impact of data center changes
  • Identifies energy efficiency improvement opportunities
  • Identifies available cooling for increased CPU density and footprint reclaim
  • Addresses potential energy savings, operational savings, and data center resiliency
  • Supports cooling capacity management by depicting real-time impact of changes