Tintri-logoA new model for IT is here. Virtualized applications are the norm, and traditional storage is 20 years overdue for a shakeup. The mismatch between a dynamic virtualized environment and traditional storage products is forcing enterprises to be bound by tedious, blind solutions that don’t address the most important needs of IT – visibility into, and control of, the dynamic nature of data in a virtualized world.

This is why Tintri decided to build smart storage that sees, learns, and easily adapts – enabling IT to focus on virtualized applications instead of managing storage infrastructure. After all, applications drive business and infrastructure exists to support the apps. This means it’s far more important for the IT teams to focus on performance, QoS, speed to deployment, and scalability of apps – instead of managing the storage infrastructure.

Tintri’s application-aware storage is able to see how applications behave at the virtualization layer and present information in a way that’s useful to IT professionals. Equally important, every step in the Tintri experience is designed to be profoundly simple. But don’t take just our word for it – find out how our customers describe their experiences with Tintri.

Tintri’s team consists of technology luminaries with deep roots in storage and virtualization. The founders and architects of Tintri have built many market-defining solutions across the tech landscape. Tintri’s leadership team has been involved in taking many companies public and growing them into multi-billion dollar category leaders. The best and brightest minds in engineering, sales, marketing, support and operations have all come to Tintri to do one thing – build a new kind of storage that customers can love.

  • Tintri VMStore Built on the industry’s first and leading application-aware storage architecture, Tintri VMstore addresses the mismatch between storage and virtualization. The result is a predictable and efficient environment that is capable of handling all of your virtualized applications and desktops, and an IT team that is free to focus on innovation.
  • Tintri Global Center Making the right choice of a scalable storage solution upfront is key to ensuring the success of all virtualization initiatives. All of the methods of scaling traditional storage including using additional disk shelves up to the limits of the controller, adding separately managed storage nodes or leveraging scale-out storage for virtualized environments share the common challenge of ever-growing management burden and infrastructure complexity.
  • Tintri vSphere Web Client Plugin The Tintri plugin for VMware vSphere® Web Client is the next milestone in enhancing the VMware ecosystem integration, a journey that started with Tintri VAAI plugin for creating space and performance efficient clones from vCenter interface. The Tintri vSphere Web Client Plugin extends other Tintri VM-aware benefits to vCenter. Natively integrated with the VMware infrastructure, Tintri vSphere Web Client Plugin allows administrators to leverage Tintri VM-aware capabilities, such as per-VM snapshots, clones, and replication, from vCenter interface to further simplify day-to-day management of large virtual environments and leverage Tintri per VM-level data management capabilities.
  • Tintri Replicate VM Originally designed for physical environments, legacy LUN and volume-based replication technologies have been inhibitors to virtualizing mission-critical applications. These legacy products lack the simplicity, mobility, scalability, flexibility, efficiency and performance required for data protection in large-scale virtual environments. Tintri application-aware smart storage—using VMs as management entities—overcomes challenges posed by legacy replication technology with simple, WAN-efficient, high-performance per-VM replication.
  • Tintri VDI Solutions with VMware VMware Horizon View provides robust VDI capabilities and has exceptionally tight integration with vSphere. Built for virtualization, Tintri VMstore deploys quickly and provides an unparalleled combination of performance and density for VDI in a compact data center footprint.
  • Tintri Receives 2014 Cloud Computing Storage Excellence Award Tintri Inc., the leading producer of smart storage for virtualization and cloud environments, announced today that TMC, a global, integrated media company, has selected the Tintri VMstore T600 Series as a 2014 Cloud Computing Storage Excellence Award winner presented by TMC’s Cloud Computing Magazine. The Cloud Storage Excellence Award recognizes companies that have introduced or improved cloud storage solutions.
  • Taneja Group Field Report October, 2014: Massively Scalable, Intrinsically Simple: Tintri’s Low TCO For The Virtualized Data CenterTaneja-Group-Field-Report-Tintri-VMstore-Oct-2014 Taneja Group ran Tintri VMstore storage through our hands-on validation lab and documented significant large factors of improvement over traditional storage. Those factors accrue through Tintri’s cost–effective acquisition, simplicity and ease of deployment and data migration, effective high performance and availability and smooth expansion over time. This Field Report validates our impressive lab findings with feedback from the field: six customers who have Tintri storage in production environments. While each customer has a unique own story to tell, we found that everyone documented a compelling value proposition based on TCO factors. Throughout our research we found that Tintri’s approach provides significantly lower TCO than traditional storage solutions.