Tintri Replicate VM

Originally designed for physical environments, legacy LUN and volume-based replication technologies have been inhibitors to virtualizing mission-critical applications. These legacy products lack the simplicity, mobility, scalability, flexibility, efficiency and performance required for data protection in large-scale virtual environments. Tintri application-aware smart storage—using VMs as management entities—overcomes challenges posed by legacy replication technology with simple, WAN-efficient, high-performance per-VM replication.

Tintri ReplicateVM radically simplifies enterprise data protection and disaster recovery operations for virtual environments. Operating at a per-VM level enables a more granular approach to policy customization and enables VM agility with individual VM replication and remote cloning. Combining VM granularity with intelligent deduplication and compression reduces WAN bandwidth usage by up to 95 percent and results in high performance data transport.


  • Application-Aware Replication: Administrators can customize protection policies on a per-VM basis enabling greater storage utilization efficiency for protecting large virtual environments. Unlike legacy LUN and volume based storage systems, Tintri allows snapshots and replication to be configurable on a per-VM basis leading to greater storage utilization efficiency on both local and remote VMstore systems as only changed data at a VM level is captured in snapshots.
  • Storage and WAN Efficiency: Per-VM replication also means that far less data is replicated over the WAN, since specific VMs, not LUNs or volumes which can contain dozens of VMs, are replicated. Granular global deduplication and compression reduce the amount even further as only incremental block-changes between snapshots are replicated after being deduplicated and compressed.
  • VM Agility and Flexibility: ReplicateVM provides flexible deployment topologies to replicate between multiple VMstore systems. Additionally, a VMstore can be used to both host VMs in a data center while providing data protection for VMs on remote VMstore systems.

ReplicateVM also extends the benefits of native per-VM cloning in Tintri OS to allow creating clone VMs on remote VMstore systems efficiently. The clone VMs can be imported into any vCenter server configured on the VMstore, increasing the agility of VMs between VMstore systems and vCenter servers.

Trinti Advantage

The Tintri VM-aware architecture enables replication granularity at an individual VM-level, rather than at a LUN or volume level, providing new levels of simplicity and efficiency for virtual environments. Enabling replication for a VM is as simple as checking a box and requires no pre-planning, storage configuration, and coordination between storage and virtualization teams. Data protection policies – snapshot retention periods and RPO – can be set and monitored on a per-VM basis, which allows individual VMs to be protected or restored with just a few mouse clicks.

  • Protect and restore individual VMs with a few mouse clicks.
  • Radically reduce work to plan, monitor and change data protection policies.
  • RPOs can be customized and monitored via alerts on a per-VM basis.
  • Native VMware vCenter integration allows for VM consistent data replication for quick recovery.

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