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The Tintri plugin for VMware vSphere® Web Client is the next milestone in enhancing the VMware ecosystem integration, a journey that started with Tintri VAAI plugin for creating space and performance efficient clones from vCenter interface. The Tintri vSphere Web Client Plugin extends other Tintri VM-aware benefits to vCenter. Natively integrated with the VMware infrastructure, Tintri vSphere Web Client Plugin allows administrators to leverage Tintri VM-aware capabilities, such as per-VM snapshots, clones, and replication, from vCenter interface to further simplify day-to-day management of large virtual environments and leverage Tintri per VM-level data management capabilities.
Centralized Day-to-Day Storage Monitoring
VMstore Dashboard: Tintri vSphere Web Client Plugin provides rich insights into VMstore level performance and capacity usage and trending metrics eliminating the challenges administrators face in performance and capacity monitoring and trending. The unique performance and capacity gauges give administrators immediate visibility to both the available performance headroom and storage capacity on any Tintri VMstore appliance. For the first time, administrators can get storage performance utilization with a single, easy-to-use metric – right from the vSphere Web Client. The Tintri dashboard information also quickly identifies VMs with the most changes in performance or capacity utilization in the past seven days without the need to understand how VMs map to the storage components—all you need to know is the name of the VM—Tintri VMstore manages the details for you.
Review and Acknowledge VMstore Alerts: Tintri vSphere Web Client Plugin provides integrated monitoring and management of VMstore in the vSphere Web Client UI. Administrators can review and acknowledge alerts from multiple VMstore systems centrally from the vSphere Web Client UI. Centralized monitoring also allows the administrators to correlate the alerts from VMstore with those from the rest of the virtual infrastructure to get an end-to-end picture.
VMstore Inventory Summary: Tintri vSphere Web Client Plugin provides summary of all VMstore systems deployed in virtual infrastructure. Administrators can view summary VMstore characteristics such as VMstore model number, serial number, Tintri OS software version, uptime without needing to log in to individual VMstore systems and drill down to get additional details, such as performance and capacity dashboards, at a VMstore level.

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