The Hitachi Universal Storage Platform™ VM blends enterprise- class functionality with a smaller footprint to meet the business needs of entry level enterprises and fast growing mid-sized organizations, while supporting distributed or departmental applications in large enterprises.

Now, smaller organizations can enjoy the same benefits as large enterprises in deploying and managing their storage infrastructure in a way never possible before. The Universal Storage Platform VM, powered by the Hitachi Universal Star Network™ crossbar switch architecture, delivers proven and innovative controller-based virtualization, logical partitioning and universal replication for open systems and mainframe environments in a rack mounted storage services platform.

The industry’s highest reliability and availability storage solution is backed by a set of storage and data services that include thin provisioning with Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning software, application centric storage management and logical partitioning, as well as simplified, unified data replication across heterogeneous storage systems.

An integral component of the Hitachi Services Oriented Storage Solutions architecture, the Hitachi Universal Storage Platform VM provides the foundation for matching application requirements to different classes of storage. The Hitachi Universal Storage Platform VM packages and delivers critical services such as:

  • Virtualization of storage from Hitachi and other vendors into one pool
  • Thin provisioning through Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning for non-disruptive volume expansion
  • Security services, business continuity services and content management services
  • I/O load balancing to improve application performance
  • Non-disruptive dynamic data migration from Hitachi and other storage systems

Services Oriented Storage Solutions enable IT organizations to present business clients with a menu of storage attributes (such as performance, availability, cost and security) and charge for those services based on the client’s selection. Services Oriented Storage Solutions can lower costs, extend lifetime value and simplify management activities. The Hitachi Universal Storage Platform VM lets you deploy applications within a new framework, fully leverage-and add value to-current investments, and more closely align IT to your business objectives.

Consolidate Storage Resources, Simplify Storage Management



Networked storage solutions from Hitachi Data Systems can help you consolidate, reduce management complexity, and cut costs. The Universal Storage Platform lets you create centralized storage pools that can be consistently managed and shared across applications and servers. Consolidating and aggregating storage resources in this way helps you reduce environmental costs while improving application availability and performance. Additionally, coupling consolidated, networked storage with robust Hitachi Storage Management and HiCommand® Suite software greatly improves the amount of storage administrators can manage.


Logically Partition Storage Resources



Hitachi extends its innovative port virtualization technology to entire platforms. With Hitachi Virtual Storage Machine technology, you can logically partition the Universal Storage Platform to create as many as 32 Virtual Storage Machines (Universal Storage Platform V) and as many as 8 Virtual Storage Machines (Universal Storage Platform VM)- each with dedicated internal and external capacity, cache, and ports, as shown in Figure 2. Virtual Storage Machines allow you to apply storage policies to specific applications, matching business requirements for performance, capacity, and availability to designated storage resources. Because each Virtual Storage Machine has its own serial number, you can associate specific business applications with selected departments and business units, and then charge back accordingly. These unique capabilities allow you to create a utility model to deliver “metered” storage resources to select business entities. You can delegate management of Virtual Storage Machines to local administrators or manage them centrally, whichever you prefer.

Support Disaster Recovery & Up-time Requirements



By maintaining up-to-date copies of data in geographically dispersed locations, Universal Storage Platform satisfies the most demanding disaster recovery and uptime requirements.

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Superior performance: More than 4 million I/Os per second (IOPS), 106 GB/sec aggregate internal bandwidth
Storage Performance Council Hails the Hitachi USP V as the Highest Performing Storage System in the Industry – Sept. 8, 2008SPC Benchmark 2™ Executive Summary
SPC Benchmark 2™ Full Disclosure Report
Outstanding scalability: up to 247PB of total storage capacity under management, including up to 507.5 of Fibre Channel internal storage or 1,134.5TB of SATA internal storage
Flash drives for exceptional performance of certain types of business critical applications
Encryption of data at rest for internal storage
Up to 32 Virtual Storage Machines: logical partitions, dedicating cache, ports and internally and externally attached capacity to ensure application quality of service (QoS)
Superior multiplatform connectivity: up to 224 Fibre Channel, 112 IBM® ESCON®, and 112 IBM FICON® host ports and network-attached storage (NAS)
Virtualization of internally and externally attached storage from Hitachi, EMC, IBM, Sun and other manufacturers
Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning Software for thin provisioning of internal and virtualized external storage
Non-disruptive movement, copy and migration of data between storage, including other vendors, without interrupting the application
Universal replication for open systems and mainframe environments
Storage based fail over and migration
Active workload balancing and tuning
Multi-protocol consolidation with Fibre Channel (FC), IBM FICON and ESCON and network-attached storage (NAS)
Single-pane-of-glass management with Hitachi Storage Command Suite software
Powered by the fourth-generation Hitachi Universal Star Network™ V crossbar switch architecture


Reduces business risk
Increases business agility
Lowers total cost of ownership
Helps comply with regulatory compliance and corporate governance
Enables more eco-friendly data centers

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