Founded in 2001, Upsite Technologies, Inc., has quickly established itself as a leader in the rapidly growing marketplace for high-availability data center solutions, specifically concentrating on hotspots and energy-efficiency issues. Upsite has successfully developed a suite of groundbreaking products designed to increase the reliability and availability of data centers, while significantly reducing energy costs. Upsite Technologies, Inc. manufactures products and deliver services dedicated to the diagnosis and cure of heat-density problems in data centers. These products include Raised Floor Grommets, Blanking Panels, and Temperature Strips. The products are marketed under the names Koldlok, Hotlok, and Upsite Temperature Strips respectively.

  • KoldLok Raised Floor Grommets Based on measurements at multiple data centers, unsealed cable openings allow 50% to 80% of conditioned cold air to escape prematurely. Sealing raised-floor tile cutouts is an essential component of data-center reliability and availability. KoldLok products provide solutions for newly built centers as well as retrofitting older facilities.
  • HotLok Rack Air Flow Management Upsite Technologies’ HotLok line of rack airflow managements products are specifically designed to control intake airflow in server racks. Their award-winning blanking panels are considered the ‘best-fitting’ in the industry.