Upsite-Technologies-KoldLok-logoSeal Cable Openings & Eliminate Data Center Hot Spots Triton has developed a specialized and patented* line of products designed to meet the needs of high-availability data centers. The KoldLok line of products specifically addresses the issue of bypass airflow and its detrimental effect on data center cooling. Based on measurements at multiple data centers, unsealed cable openings allow 50% to 80% of conditioned cold air to escape prematurely. Sealing raised-floor tile cutouts is an essential component of data-center reliability and availability. KoldLok products provide solutions for newly built centers as well as retrofitting older facilities.

The Integral KoldLok is designed specifically for installation in new data center raised-floor cable cutouts before equipment arrives or in existing sites during equipment moves. The KoldLok Surface Mount and KoldLok Split Integral units can be installed in live data centers without affecting operations for those situations where existing equipment cant be moved or unplugged. The KoldLok Extended Brush and the KoldLok Surface L & XL units are intended to fill holes in raised flooring that are non-standard and require a more flexible solution.

All KoldLok products provide the following benefits:

  • Precision delivery of cooling where it is needed
  • Increased perforated tile and grate cooling delivery
  • Increased under-floor static pressure
  • Make Cold Aisle/Hot Aisle cooling concepts feasible above 50 watts/ft2
  • Reduced cooling unit incapacity

KoldLok Integral
The KoldLok Integral raised-floor grommet is designed for installation in new or existing raised-floor tiles prior to the installation of racks or cabinets containing computer and communication equipment.

KoldLok Surface Mount
The KoldLok Surface Mount is designed for installation in active raised floor data centers to seal cable openings without affecting operations.

KoldLok Surface Mount L or XL
By utilizing our new KoldLok Surface Mount L or XL extensions, larger cable openings can be sealed while maintaining all of the benefits of our standard KoldLok products.
Upsite Technologies KoldLok Extended
KoldLok Extended
The KoldLok Extended unit is particularly useful when sealing large cutouts that adjoin walls where large conduit or power cable bundles extend through the raised-floor.

KoldLok Round
The KoldLok Round is the premium choice for your facility. Its revolutionary sealing technology greatly reduces costly bypass airflow, increasing useable cooling unit capacity, and ensuring maximized efficiency from HVAC equipment.

KoldLok Wave
The KoldLok Wave Split Integral Raised Floor Grommet is designed to seal openings in new or existing raised floor cutouts prior to the installation of communications, power, or cabling. It is beneficial in its ability to allow greater IT density and sealing against by-pass airflow.

KoldLok Product Listing:

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