Flywheel backups are replacing batteries in data centers. PTS has partnered with the world’s largest UPS independent flywheel energy storage company to reduce dependency on batteries.

  • Kinetic energy stores can work in parallel with existing battery strings to extend the life of those cells.
  • Our flywheel solution uses magnetic bearings without friction or lubricants, increasing reliability and reducing maintenance
  • No cooling is required, as operating range is 15F-104F.
  • Over 1,000 systems installed, over 12 million field cycles of operation, and 13 major patents for the design of these flywheel systems.
  • Flywheel life expectancy is 20 years, with a MTBF of 750,000 hours.
  • Less floor space required, since we can replace 10,000lbs of lead acid with 200lbs of steel.
  • Removal of fire threat and toxic materials.
  • ROI is 3-4 years.

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